This Holiday: Prep up for the River Rafting adventure!

This Holiday: Prep up for the River Rafting adventure!

You are finally going to the rivers and this is your first ever-rafting experience. You want to have a good time and capture good memories, as this will be your very first experience in the river. But you surely don’t want your memory of the trip to be of sunburn and unexpected emergencies that just lead to bad mood throughout the entire trip, do you?

How prepared are you for the rafting trip? Are you confident that the packing luggage for the trip is what you exactly need? What do you need and carry with you for the trip?

To help you minimize with the stress, we have listed out the bare necessities for your rafting trip-

  1. Clothing
    Well obviously but specific clothing that we recommend to you would be shirts and short or pants that ‘dry quick’ while you’re wearing it. You will want to stay cool and comfortable but not when it’s wet! Do carry an extra pair of underwear while the rest of the wet clothes can dry out in the sun. Waterproof pants or shirts are the best choice.

    Don’t forget that you also need to prepare warm clothes against the chilly nights during camp.

    Fabrics: Cotton or Synthetic (light and quick drying)
    For Rafting- Shorts, Shirts (long-sleeves to protect you from the sun in the day and warm at night), swim suits, wet suits
    For Camping- Shorts/Pants, Shirts, Warm Jacket, Socks (for nights that get chilly)

    *This may vary according to the season (summer/winter).

  2. Shoes
    Now there are two types of shoes you will want to carry (it is not compulsory). You have the choice to wear the same sandals throughout rafting and camping but just in case you want to hike or feel warm, carry your hiking shoes with you. During the rafting, you will want to wear a strapped sandal or water shoes that is light and water friendly.
  3. Accessories
    Hat- with the sun high and right into your skin, even the sunscreen will not be as affective as your hat. The hat will provide you and protection from the sun. We suggest a baseball hat that fits under the helmet or a wide brimmed sunhat that has a chinstrap.

    Sunglasses- Sunglasses play a vital role in this trip. They protect your eyes from the bright rays of the sun, the sand and the water! Better yet you wear your sunglasses with straps so they don’t get lost if you fall into the water.

    Waterproof Phone case- The best move would be to leave your phone in your bag but incase you do take it to the boat with you; equip your phone with a waterproof case. Better safe than sorry!

  4. Toileteries
    Here are the list of must have toiletries during the trip-

    • Sunscreen
    • Water Bottle (for your personal use)
    • Lip Balm
    • Lotion/Moisturizing cream
    • Flashlight
    • Insect Repellant
    • Towel
    • Medications (if you are easily nauseous from moving water)
    • Soap/Shampoo (if you want)
    • Zip lock bags to keep your toiletries
    • Small Camp Pillow

    These are the basic requirements to carry with you and they can be kept in one bag so it won’t take much space in your bag.

River Rafting adventure!

By no means are we imposing you to carry what is on our list but maybe this can be an outlay of what you must have in your bags for a day at the rafting site. Of course, we encourage you to pack the things or clothing that makes you comfortable and feel good during the trip. So hopefully this list has helped you and made you excited to go rafting soon enough!

Posted by idealaya
Posted on 12,Oct, 2018

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