Myth Vs. Rafting: Monsoon River

Myth Vs. Rafting: Monsoon River

June-July is here, monsoon is approaching Nepal and the rivers will be thick lush with crashing waves and rolling tides, higher and faster than ever. ‘Sounds’ dangerous but that shouldn’t stop you from rafting or having fun. Now there are prejudices against rafting or any water sports adventure in general during the monsoon season, and if you look hard, you are bound to encounter upon some headlines referring to tragic accidents during such trips, which is why we are going to break down some myths so that by the end of this blog you are fully convinced to fight the monsoon river currents with your mates. Reminder: The monsoon river is not recommended to the faint-hearted.

1. Myth: Its dangerous

If I had my say in this, even a normal river is dangerous if you do not pay attention to what your instructor/operator tells you. Yes, the water as you will witness will be voluminous, overflowing with white waves, the flow of the current is faster but that is what makes the monsoon river’s rafting thrilling and exclusive. The reason for having Monsoon rafting in our packages is because it is a whole different style and level. Trust me, half of the injuries are probably from you getting hit by the paddle (which is quite heavy and sturdy) of your mate. Now this one is for people who enjoy some adrenaline rush and someone who is willing to fight against water. Rest assured, it is equally safe as any other river and the fun doubles! So the myth of Monsoon River being dangerous is not completely true, it surely cannot be certified a 100% safe but 99.99% is quite a guarantee while the rest 0.001% depends on how well you can co-ordinate with your team and the operator!

2. Myth: Exposure to virus and diseases

Since you’re on a trip during monsoon, there are chances to catch a cold but claiming to catch a disease seems quite far-fetched. Malaria is one the common monsoon deadly diseases that people are aware of, as the mosquitoes find easy breeding grounds in stagnant (still) water. Reality-check: you’re rafting on a fast-paced river where the current could sweep you off your feet miles away and the only thing that should worry you is getting water in your nose/mouth, which could lead to drowning. But honestly, there are over a 100 viruses that can cause a cold/flu and as for malaria it depends on avoiding food and drinks out in the open or in still muddy water areas.Hence this myth is invalid and you don’t have to worry about no diseases while rafting. (Just make sure to clean yourself properly after the wild raft!)

3. Myth: We’re going to die/drown in the river

Okay, I think this one is quite popular and logical too. But here’s the thing, we’re a water adventure sports operator/company not mass killers. Plus we have safety rules and we do revise you on ‘what to do’ and ‘what not to do’ during emergencies before you hit the raft. Like mentioned above, this is for people who are willing to challenge a natural element like the rain and the river so it is totally up to you during the monsoon season. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to stay on the safe side; we all do. In fact, deaths and drowning are a rare case; ‘sometimes’ the waves are extremely powerful (not always) and if you panic or do not have the proper knowledge, chances are you will be swept along- which is why time and again, listen to your instructor/guide. There are times when you’re thrown in by the rapids (unless at a power speed), but you can avoid hitting the rocks or drowning with proper safety measure & knowledge.

Honestly, here are some simple steps you can take during the monsoon river season to help you get comfortable-

  • Select a river grade that suits your ability and compatibility.
  • Understand your own physical limitations, not everyone has the same build.
  • Always! Always listen to what your instructor/guide tells you. They are professionals and they know the water behavior best.
  • Check and be sure your helmet and life jacket is secured top to bottom. Don’t risk the slightest chance on this.

Hopefully, you have more insight on Monsoon season’s river rafting and changed your views against the prejudices about it. Sometimes you just got to let thrill take over your life (moderately of course) but you should absolutely take advantage of the fun and adventure in white river rafting. You can’t judge the trip to be totally safe, and it will never be but what dangers come with rafting?

Last but not least, just relax and enjoy rafting the monsoon river!

Posted by idealaya
Posted on 12,Jun, 2018

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