Overcoming the Fear of Swimming

Overcoming the Fear of Swimming

7 tips to help you face your fear of swimming

Summer is here and you’re out for some water adventure sports, you know that you’re facing the water head front and you are bound to fall into the water somehow.

But, you can’t swim because you’ve never learned to or maybe you’ve had a bad experience.

The fear of facing the water or drowning is holding you back from learning to swim and even if it is a difficult process you can overcome your fear but first you need to face it.
If you are aqua phobic (an absolute can’t touch no water person) then the best help is through a professional which takes time and effort but don’t lose hope!

Here are 7 tips we narrowed down for you to take the first step:

• In situations such as falling into the water or going deep try to remain calm (this may sound impossible to ask of since you’ve never had any training) but absolutely don’t panic. In case of emergencies (no signs of lifeguards or trained professionals) this is your best shot.
• Don’t feel rushed to make progress while starting swimming. You eventually learn as time passes and constant practice.
• Train yourself to hold your breath underwater (starting with 3 seconds to 5 and gradually a minute) and slowly breathe out into the water. You blow bubbles when you do this so you know you’re doing it right.
• When practicing or on a boat, remind yourself that getting swept away is very rare and there are lifeguards/trained professionals to help you incase you fall into the water. (Do inform them about your swimming ability so you are their first priority also don’t panic!)
• Enjoy the freedom of your body in the water. Go slowly step-by-step so you are now comfortable being in the water.
• Wade into the water to the point you are confident till and stop when you feel like you can’t go any further. Don’t push yourself to take an extra step.
• And last but no the least have someone you trust by your side. It’ll boost your confidence and make you feel safe to go into the water knowing they are there.

Get started now so you are confident out in the open water. The most important part of overcoming the waters is having confidence in you. The time and effort you put in to learning swimming will definitely bear fruit!

And we hope to see you enjoying the waters without having to constantly worry.

Posted by idealaya
Posted on 27,Jun, 2018

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