The 3 rivers you should conquer in Nepal

The 3 rivers you should conquer in Nepal

White River Rafting is a well-known water adventure sport here in Nepal and with endless rivers to choose from, there are the top seeds that rule the hierarchy of the Go-to Rivers. Rafting can be a hobby, it is a sport and sometimes for the thrill of it there are people who go for the high of the adrenaline rushing all over your body.

The rivers are graded from levels I-VI according to their difficulty level and each river is equipped with their own unique characteristics of their steepness and flow.

Here we’ve jotted down at least the 3 rivers that you must experience rafting in.

Sun Koshi River

Named as the “ World’s Best River Rafting Trip” (via lonely planet), Sun Koshi river is the longest rafting trip with at least 8 or 9 days at max. Sun Koshi is a trans-boundary river originating in the Tibet with its headwaters located in the ‘Zhangzangbo Glacier’. With Grade III-IV rapids in the river the most common put in point of the river is Dolaghat.To keep you in the adventure spirit you can also go trek poon hill or continue to a mini Everest trek from here. A Sun Koshi river traverse the Mahabharata range and follows one of the main geological fault lines of the Himalayas and is certainly an excellent choice for enthusiastic kayakers of intermediate and advanced level. As an addition there’s great camping sites with philanthropic wildlife to look at with the vibrant colors glowing making the longest rafting trip of Nepal worth its while. Learn more about Sunkoshi.

Bhote Koshi River

Bhote Koshi
Hands down one of the best and challenging rivers to experiment your rafting skills into. Being the shortest rafting trip within just 1 day, Bhote Koshi River is located at the border of Nepal and Tibet and labeled as the steepest technical river to be rafted in Nepal. Bhote Koshi is the upper river course of the Sun Koshi River with rapids Grade IV-V and we recommend you prepare yourself to experience an adrenaline rushing thriller trip with challenging rapid currents that will have you at your toes with the intense action. One wrong move or you’re not in sync will have you thrown into the arms of the wild waters. This rafting trip though short, it is better suited to people with previous rafting experience (intermediate or advanced level). Other attraction her is the bungee jump, which is equally exciting and a blast of fun! Learn more about Bhotekoshi.

Marshyangdi River

Another one of the best rivers to raft on as considered by rafters from all across the globe, Marshyandi River flows east around Manang and swings to the south of the Trishuli river with endless speedy current gushing through the Lamjung district. Fun fact- the trekking route of the Annapurna circuit follows the Marshyandi River so you are definitely welcomed by the spectacular view of the Annapurna mountain range and Manaslu. This Grade IV-V river takes around 3 days, is recommended for expert kayakers and rafters and the extreme & exhilarating river flows through narrow gorges and canyons passing through sculpted boulders as well as the green valley floor. Learn more about Marshyangdi.

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Posted on 29,Aug, 2018

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