Why Should You Train Before You Go Kayaking?

Why Should You Train Before You Go Kayaking?

If you’re considering Kayaking this summer then you probably know that the boat you will be in is small, narrow and propelled by the means of a double-bladed paddle, and handling this boat might look like a work of swinging your hands here and there in the comfort of the tiny cockpit but reality hits you hard like the waves of the feisty rivers you’re about to go into.

First and foremost tip to choosing kayaking, as your water based adventure sport that anyone would give is that you train yourself or start a proper workout to prepare your body for a ride.

Why? There’s a reason why Kayaking is considered one of the best sports for fitness purposes.

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Kayaking requires harmony and balanced function of all your muscle groups starting from your arms, back, the entire torso, wrists to the lower region’s hips, pelvis and lower back. To clear confusion we’ve got you a few lists as to why you should train before you go kayaking.

  • When you’re paddling, you’re one against a whole body of water that is coming at you full speed. Body weight training like pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups and core (group of muscles around your hips, torso, pelvis and lower back) exercises play a major role in balancing your body while paddling against the raging current.
  • Yoga routine workouts help in improvising your core strength sharpening your mental focus.
  • You need to improve your core control, joint stability, and ligament and tendon strength, which makes you resilient to possible injury and improves your strength control.
  • Exercise your muscle groups equally to avoid injuring one muscle group overpowering the other. This is very important so you don’t end up hurting yourself.
  • Practice maintaining your posture so you do not face the pressure of low back pain the next day.
  • The legs and hips are the anchor to providing stability during the paddling action so training your lower muscles is equally important.
  • Focusing on full body movement, strength and endurance, and moving your body weight efficiently assists in paddling and endure the irregular movement of the boat from the water current.
    Reduced risk of joint and tissues tearing. Increased muscle strength from moving the paddle.
  • The best part is if you are a competent swimmer, it works the upper body so you can swim yourself to safety in times of emergency. (If you’re not, you’ve got a life jacket, lifeguards, rare chances of drowning and maybe you should learn to swim)
  • Aerobic fitness develops your cardiovascular endurance so you are able to paddle for hours at a time.

These are a few reasons if not all to encourage you to train your body properly before you hit the kayak. You have benefits from all the training you do and you get to enjoy the waters without any muscle cramps or pain.

Enjoy your summer kayaking the white rivers and always remember to play safe.

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Posted on 17,Aug, 2018

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