Things to remember before you go rafting

Things to remember before you go rafting

Rafting a thrilling water adventure sport and since summer has finally made its comeback there may be loads of you who are excited for a thrilling experience with the water.

You’ve got yourself a trip to the white waters all excited and you can feel the adrenaline rush to your entire self ready to bust the energy you’ve stored last winter but are you well prepared?

Rafting is not just an adventure sport. It requires your full attention and you need to be wary of a few important things. Here’s our list things to remember made for you:

• Drowning is the most important thing to be careful of- the upthurst provided by the life jacket is less
than the force of the water and may suck you in.
• Follow all the guidelines provided by the instructor. It is all up to you and worst case possible you may be

• Wear proper gear- wear water resistant shorts or synthetic materials rather than cotton or heavy items like
jeans. Recommend water shoes over flip-flops.
• Lather yourself up with sunscreen and lotion to avoid bad sunburn all over your body especially the neck.
• A friendly reminder to pack a set of extra clothes and a towel after the wet experience.
• You don’t necessarily need to know swimming to raft but for the best of it, having the knowledge of swimming can
be your lifesaver in times of emergency (this happens rarely).
• Hold your paddle properly. There is a proper way to handle your paddle so it’s best you ask the instructor
beforehand if you’re confused. Never Panic!
• Check if your life jacket is fully functional. Just be safe.
• There may be 8 or 9ft deep holes in the river, broken stray trees or boulders and though the chances are rare
beware of being stuck in such places. Best to know the proper technique of swimming to avoid such obstacle, as
there is high risk of you losing your breath quickly in a panicked state.
• Sometimes the raft may be hit or brush against a rock throwing the rafters off the boat by force. Be prepared to
face such a situation.
• Keep in mind to match the paddle movement with the other rafters. Flailing paddles may cause injury to the hands
and the nose of the person next to you (or it might even be you).

Its all fun and games, the summer heat is burning and you are sweating away but amidst the rush of it don’t let yourself lose focus. Remember safety always comes first. Have a great summer!

Posted by idealaya
Posted on 3,Aug, 2018

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